the amber moon shone upon a wine dark sea ... 1
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the amber moon shone upon a wine dark sea ... 1A constant rumble of sounds washed over the place. The cottage was surrounded by forest and beyond that was a rough 2corner, a staircase that led to a chamber. 3 the chamber glowed with a purple light of eldritch fungi. From a dark crack in the far wall wafted the soft piping of a mad flute 4. The chamber was dark and as it had been crowded with solitary forces the room was made of what appeared to be decaying 5wood. A woman was standing in the center of the room 6 She had been in there for a time too long to count, so heavily restrained she could not feel the pain anymore. 7In front of her stood a body that had a torso and a head, no arms left on the body and the body was a pale white. She was 8not a soul to be found and she was not much of a person. 9 What she had to do she knew well, but what was left of innocence in her still made her recoil. 10A soft voice spoke from the darkness of the room that had a sensation of worry and disgust. 11 A sweet voice indeed it was, but sorrow and fear made it bitter. She heard it say " 12don't worry dying' 13 'Maybe it is right' she thinks 'In the end everyone will anyway' 14She couldn't help but shake her head and she was distracted. She was confused and moved to the back of the room and 15hugged the body part as if to calm her down. The body was still alive, with the same torn up face and the eyes. 16

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