there was a dog with no teeth. 1
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there was a dog with no teeth. 1He was standing about ten feet away, transfixed and looking back at me. I think he might have been about to shout 2something when he started growling and growling. 3 And with each growl, he stepped closer and closer. His face looked like what used to be a corgi. His name was... 4Damian. His teeth were pointing at the floor as his body bumped. 5 When he bumped into the unknown figure, Damian let out a menacing yell. Slowly, his head turned into three. He’s the devil dog. 6He looked at me and I saw a devilish grin on his face. His tongue stuck out in a small grin as his eyes started rolling 7back into their sockets. He started to fade to a floating black shadow. 8

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