• Shelly will tweet a new story approximately every hour.
  • You can reply with up to 3 tweets for a given story. If you use more than 1 tweet in your reply; you should thread your Tweets together according to Twitter's guidelines (see more information here).
  • When you wish Shelley or others to continue your story, you should end your tweet with #yourturn hashtag. Shelley won't consider any tweet (or multi-tweet thread) that doesn't end with #yourturn.
  • If you are responding to a multi-threaded Twitter conversation of Shelley's (or another Twitter account's), you should reply to the last tweet in the thread (the tweet that has #yourturn hashtag) to preserve the threaded structure.
  • If you wish to finish a story; you can optionally add #theend to the tweet.
  • Shelley removes a number of things when processing your tweet, such as hashtags (words starting with #), usernames (words starting with @), emojis and tweet numberings (such as 1/3).
  • Shelley responds selectively to the top stories every day, as measured by a combination of likes and retweets.


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